A Letter To The Nurses and Carers Mocking Ostomy Bags Online

tumblr_nkhhgcb80J1u26nnao2_1280To the nurses and carers who have taken the time to insult IBD fighters online instead of focusing a little more on giving the correct medical care…

Do you think it’s easy going through Ostomy Surgery? Waking up to see a bag on your stomach, having to see the insides of your body on a daily basis?

Do you think we asked to have to take 15 minutes out of our day just to clean ourselves up, to have to deal with our sore skin and wound?

Do you think we like having to worry about what we eat? About drinking something too fizzy, and experiencing the public embarrassment of gas we cannot control?

I am so sorry that human waste, that EVERYBODY deals with – not just those with ostomys – offends you. I’m sorry it makes such a difference when it’s coming from a bag. I’m sorry that we so obviously forced you into doing a job you couldn’t possibly be mentally prepared to do. Perhaps just maybe… just perhaps… you shouldn’t be a bloody nurse or carer? How about there are people in this world that need nothing less than your unsympathetic, narrow minded opinion.

It angers me that you could possibly be allowed to do a job that you do not have the mental capacity to know anything about – because if you did, you’d think twice before being so spiteful, degrading and so awfully unprofessional.

Living with an ostomy is a life changing experience. It’s more than dealing with waste. It’s more than people such as yourselves mocking us, adding to the low self-esteem and self-acceptance that so many of us on a daily basis have to deal with.

Ask yourselves this, would you be posting about how disgusting ostomy bags are if god forbid one of your family members had to have one? Would you be laughing about it if they were told if they didn’t have one, they would die? Would you laugh as you if you had to see everything they knew ripped away from them?

So, I’m sorry that you had to spend 15 minutes of your working day doing something that was so traumatic, that will so obviously change you for the rest of your life. I’m sorry that you have such an immature mind set and cannot deal with the wonders of the human body. But you know what? These bags are more than your mockery, they are our life savers.. We wear something on our stomachs that shouts to the world that we once fought to live. And you will never, ever, take that away from us.

12 thoughts on “A Letter To The Nurses and Carers Mocking Ostomy Bags Online

  1. Susan carter says:

    You cowards too frightened to put your names and which hospitals you work in, call yourselves nurses my dog could do better than you lot


  2. ussjadestar says:

    Reblogged this on ussjadestar in Blog form and commented:
    I think that it is absolutely disgraceful for someone with a duty of care would say such things, being a nurse is more than dealing with patients on a daily basis, its about understanding and respecting them too. I don’t understand why someone would become a nurse if they are grossed out by something such as an ostomy bag. I think this letter sums up living with an ostomy bag perfectly!


  3. Helen says:

    Hi , I have had my ileostomy for almost 17 years , I was also a nurse . The vast majority of nurses are caring and conscientious . There are always bad apples in every walk of life . I had returned to work a year after my two surgeries , one to remove the large bowel and the other to remove the rectum . I was feeling quite insecure but I knew my colleagues would understand and help me ! I just wanted to be “normal again ” it was a more difficult fight than I imagined . I was working as a Bank nurse one night and a new baby had been admitted for major surgery the next day . The nurse was giving the report and proceeded to tell us that the mother ( who incidentally had only given birth a few hours previously ) was stinking and smelled like someone with an ileostomy ! I immediately jumped to the mothers defence and I said ” I have an ileostomy and I hope I don’t smell ” the nurse tried to explain that she didn’t mean it the way it sounded ! ! ! ! I continued to work on that night but was horrified that a colleague could say something like that , insulting and humiliating two people at the same time . One of the most difficult things post surgery for me was feeling confident again in public situations and that incident put me back a year , but I struggled on , as I can’t control what other people say . I only hope that the nurse in question learned a valuable life lesson what ever that lesson might be !


  4. Tami jo says:

    How blessed I must be to have the ABSOLUTE BEST stoma nurses in the world! Yes, in the past 8 yrs have had my fair share of leaking bags, sore skin, separating stoma and even stoma repair surgery; but due to these awesome specialized nurses at Cleveland Clinic I was finally able to conquer any stoma issue that comes my way 🙂 I do Everything I want or desire to do, I will always pay attention to what I eat in public (but i have crohns so this has been a way of life for 26 yrs). My stoma nurses have been my lifesaver and definitely know what they are doing; I had a few home nurses in the beginning that unfortunately I knew more than they did!


  5. Ian says:

    Most nurses at Russells Hall Hospital Dudley W.Mids. Were
    bloody horrible and evil no compassion or understanding.
    Its been years for me now but their nasty vile behaviour will
    always be with me.


  6. Nancy Wargo says:

    this is a tiny handful of unprofessional people-NOT the MAJORITY OF NURSES that work daily changing bags in a caring, compassionate way. Not every nurse is cut out for every sector-there are some who could never work in burn units due to the smell, in a Respiratory unit from the hockers, etc. it was totally wrong to post these comments, but sometimes nurses can speak in a way that may seem callous to the lay person-just how some deal with the pressures, not that it’s right. You can’t tell me you’ve never been grossed out by something at your job. I think it was wrong, but posting their names and/or where they work would be extremely wrong, not to mention embarrassing to their patients, and a HIPPA violation to boot! So, cut the nurses a little slack-I’m sure if you did what we do on a daily basis, you’d be grossed out at times too! From Nurse Nancy-RN AND CROHNS SUFFERER!!!!!


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