Complimenting your body with an Ileostomy

Everyone likes to feel good about themselves, right? And with an Ileostomy Bag it can sometimes take a while to do so. Not everybody lives life with a bag on their stomach and for some people that do, it can be a little uncomfortable wearing the same things other people look good in.

Browsing through Sainsburys I came across these support pants, for bums and tums. There are special sites for supportive underwear especially designed for those with Ostomy bags, but they aren’t cheap. These support pants are just £5. And they work wonders for when you want to wear something skin tight, and don’t want to worry about your bag! A little bonus too – they give you a lovely flat stomach!

Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.47 #2 Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.46

Below are some examples of a few outfits I love to wear with my support underwear!

Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.40 #2 Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.35

– High waist jeans! My favorite jeans in the world. I never thought I’d be able to wear these again. What bag?!

Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.43 #2 Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.44

– My black crop top and black skorts. They look great on my legs and are tight against my stomach, and so comfortable!

photo photo(2)

– Tight black crop top & skirts. The red skirt is a skin tight midi skirt, this is one I was a little worried about, I was sure the bag would bulge out a little. But nope, look at the flatness on that! And my favourite skirt, my cute yellow tartan that sticks against your stomach. Again, a lovely piece of clothing that I can wear with ease.

Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.45

– My floral skirt is great for the summer, and I can wear this with ease knowing my bag is supported. The zip can occasionally rub against my skin so the supportive pants also protect me against sore skin. Again – so comfortable, and so pretty!

Once my swelling starts to settle down a little and my scar begins to fade I will try a little some more adventurous outfits, but for now, I look pretty damn good!

2 thoughts on “Complimenting your body with an Ileostomy

  1. Alan says:

    So, here’s my question: if your bag doesn’t bulge, does it become uncomfortable? As I mentioned in a previous comment, I only wear shirts untucked now, because I’m worried about the bag bulging out too much. Would love to hear your thoughts…


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