Why I Hate Sharing A Bed With My Ileostomy Bag

I’ve started to dread night time. Not because I’m currently sleeping alone, not because I’m scared of the dark, but because I cannot stand having to share my bed with my bag!

I’m so used to sleeping on my stomach, and now I have to compromise and toss and turn every 10 minutes just to keep the bloody thing happy. Before, I could happily sleep in until 1pm, now, my bag wakes me up within 4 hours of being asleep to drain it – no matter what time I’d gone to sleep. I wake up every single morning with what looks like a whoopie cushion spiked with helium. It honestly looks as if it trying to fly me away. Of course, this adds to my stomach pains where my skin is being pulled down by the weight.

Night time also seems to be the time when I’m most hungry. Unable to subside my cravings, especially with the constant need for steroids, (which are making me balloon up like tweedle dee & tweedle dum by the way) I end up eating until I feel sick no matter how many times I tell myself no. They say to stop eating at least 2 hours before you go to sleep… I wish I listened. Of course I won’t though, I’m eating a packet of hula hoops as I speak.

Sleeping just 4 – 5 hours a night is definitely taking it’s toll, also. I haven’t moved from my bed in 3 days and in that time my only achievement is demolishing 3 whole packets of the same biscuits. That’s telling you something isn’t it.

And, to add to just all of this commotion, I can’t believe that when I go back home I’m going to have to share a bed with my boyfriend and my bag. How is this fair? Why couldn’t my bag come with a separate bed? (And my boyfriend).

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