Yes I Can Still Fart… Sort Of! Your Questions Answered (1)

I had so many people awkwardly asking me about my iloestomy bag that I thought, why not get it all out in the open? So gave people the option to ask me questions anonymously, as personal as they like, which I I’m going to answer on here! And I mean, everybody goes to the toilet right? Just not all in the same way, so I’ve had to learn..

Sorry I’m just really curious, do you fart? What happens with you do? X
Ha! I knew this was coming. In a way, yes, just not the same way you do! Gas passes into my bag, sometimes you can here it sometimes you can’t. The downside to this is waking up with a balloon on your stomach!

Is your bag permanent? Will you have it for the rest of your life? xxx
During surgery, they took my colon out, but left my rectum. This means I have the option to have it reversed in 4 months, where they will push the stoma back into my abdomen and join the two ends together. There are risks involved and a chance surgery can fail, so there’s a lot to think about.

So how often do you poo? And can you feel that you’re pooing? Really sorry if this is gross! ❤
It’s not gross, I don’t mind! I go around 6-7 times a day now. And sometimes you can feel it, but barely! I’ve gotten into such a routine now that I’m aware when it’s going to happen.

Does the bag ever smell?
No, you can’t smell anything. There are filters on the bag to stop the smell and there are certain sprays and droplets you can put in the bag to decrease any smell when draining – I have a mint one!

Does it effect your sex life?
Nope, it hasn’t effected it at all.. good job I’m amazing at it! No but seriously it’s still great. You can read more here:

How do you drain your bag?
At the bottom of the bag is a little velcro seal that unfolds three times, you just unfold it over the toilet, clean the seal and fold it back up again – three times!

So there you go… it’s crazy how much my life involves around people asking me about my toilet experience nowadays!

One thought on “Yes I Can Still Fart… Sort Of! Your Questions Answered (1)

  1. Suellan Jones says:

    Hi, I’m 26 and have Crohn’s disease. I am facing the reality that I have come to the end of my medical options… And I’m now looking down the barrel of having an ileostomy. It has scared the life out of me for the last 9 years, but now I am actually coming to realise after all the troubles I have had and still have… Having an ostomy might not actually be that bad! Sure its got its downsides. But hey! I bet they are ten times better than all the downside of Crohn’s disease!!!
    Reading your blog has really shed a light on the dark world I feel so alone in. Facing this mongrel of a disease all on my own… But it’s so nice to know that there are many others out there who are the same. I am all for awareness too and it’s funny how many people come to me straight away as soon as they have any bowel troubles. Lol. They’re so awkward speaking about it and then I just blurt out whatever the answer may be and they loosen up a bit and realise it’s ok to talk about it and we have a little laugh and carry on with our lives.
    I believe having a positive outlook makes a huge impact on the way things affect you and also the way you are able to handle things. I am constantly told the same thing as I’m an inspiration due to all my struggles I have faced with my Crohn’s but I just feel like an average person just tackling my battles and doing my best to just carry on with life.
    Sure the disease is a huge part of my life, and it definitely impacts on almost every part of my life on a daily basis, but my disease is simply part of me.. It doesn’t define me. However you don’t realise how strong you are or have been until after you get through a situation and look back and think ‘wow, how did I manage to get through that?’ We inspire others, but we also surprise ourselves. The strength it takes to simply get through each day at a time people will never understand, and that’s ok, but we just drag ourselves out of bed (when we can) and put on a smile, ready to face the world and whatever it wants to throw at us next. People who see us would never know. On the outside we look ‘normal’ whilst on the inside our bodies are at war!
    Anyhow, I love reading your blogs. They have she’d some light on this dark ghost train ride that I’m on.
    You’re great! And I am actually looking forward to one day being an ostomate and being able to live life to the fullest! Being able to get out and do things without worrying about the need for a toilet right beside me.
    One thing for sure, having being chronically ill for so many years, and all the battles we face as Crohn’s sufferers or ulcerative colitis… It truly makes you appreciate the teeny tiny little things in life. Like being able to get up, being pain free, being able to eat! Or my most recent one is being able to actually sit on my bum! So many things that people simply take for granted!
    I was put on a 3 month deadline, if I was no better by September then I had to have my remaining parts of colon removed leaving me with ileostomy…. It scared me and always has, since I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago this was the absolute fear I had. Everytime I thought about it, I would literally burst into tears. I had my first surgery 6 years ago and they told me I wouldn’t know until I woke up if I had a bag or not. The stoma nurse came in and marked me up for where was the best position…. I was absolutely hysterical! I couldn’t bare the thought of having a bag. I woke up from the surgery and the first question I asked was if I had a bag. I was told no, and then I fell back asleep for a few hours! I have since had another 2 surgeries and was told with my last one that I couldn’t have anymore bowel removed unless I had a bag because there’s not much left. That being said, I have tried my very best to get to where I am now and I am glad I have come this far but I am now accepting the fact that my time has come, it’s time to end the struggle and start a new chapter in life. A life free from all the Crohn’s symptoms I have. Be able to travel! Be able to go on walks! All these things I had thought I would never be able to do again.
    The thought of having a bag use to to scare the life out of me, but now I am seeing all the positives to it that makes me feel like having a bag would be better than the life I have now. Reading blogs like yours helps me to see that there is a great life ahead of me once I take this next step.
    All the best for you in your life’s journey and healthy life ahead.
    Suellan Jones


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