My First Month With An Ileostomy Bag – No Toilet For 4 Weeks!

Well, I did it! I made it through the hardest part of this whole experience. My first month with an ileostomy bag! It may not seem like much to you, but it is one of my biggest achievements. This month has been one of the toughest, longest, most heartbreaking yet positively fulfilling months of my life. I had good days, I had bad days, and I had days where I thought my world was ending. I’ve learned new things, I’ve missed old things and I’ve experienced a whole other level of toilet gate…

I have now not been to the toilet naturally in 4 weeks. How strange. But I still get strange urges, apparently it’s a spasm in my small bowel. Worst. Feeling. Ever. Wearing the bag is not so bad anymore, I’m not noticing it as much. Except for when it blows up to the point I’m scared it’s going to burst. Like today. During a meeting – I don’t think they noticed though. (I hope).

I’ve had to get used to so many different things, that at this age you just don’t expect to have to get used to. But hey, when life gives you lemons… make lemonade – flat lemonade in my case, as I currently can’t drink fizzy drinks in case my bag becomes one big carbonated air balloon.

I’ve now looked at the end of my own intestine over 30 times. That’s an odd fact right? I’ve seen it so many times that I’m actually starting to believe it’s talking to me. I’ve named it Nelson. Apparently everyone names their stoma, as it makes it easier to deal with. In my case, I just hated calling Nelson an “it”. I feel ‘Nelson’ is a much more appropriate name.

In other news.. I’m making the papers! I had an interview with The Sun, which is being published this weekend. I also had a very important meeting today, which holds some even more exciting news.. which I cannot wait to reveal once all is confirmed!

All in all, this month has been one I’ll never forget, never regret, and will always look back on. It’s amazing what life can throw at you, but you’ve got to smell the shit before you smell the roses, right? Literally…

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