My First Bag Leak – HELP!

It was 10pm last night and I was sat wrapped up in my towel after having a shower. I had my cat cuddled up with me and we were watching a film. I’d just put a fresh bag on, after having loads of trouble with my stoma whilst in the shower. I’d been sitting down for an hour, putting off getting up out of pure laziness, telling myself “I’ll get dressed in 10 minutes”… every 10 minutes later.

My cats started meowing at me to be fed, so I got up to sort them some dinner. It was then I felt some dampness on my towel. I’d been sat down for over an hour, so wasn’t sure what this wet feeling was. I looked under my towel and saw a complete mess of a bag. I got so upset. I know it’s normal, but I’m in my 6th week of recovery now and I hadn’t experienced a leak yet! I wasn’t prepared for this either obviously, as I’d only just changed my bag an hour before!

I felt so frustrated as I’ve been having so much trouble with my stoma the past couple of days, it’s been hard work having showers without my bag, and I’m at my wits end with ideas on how to soothe my skin! The skin around my stoma is red raw and every product I have used on it so far has not worked. I’m just starting up with something new and hoping for better results!

I put my dissapointment to the back of my mind and rushed around the flat to grab a fresh bag, a template to cut to the size of my stoma and some adhesive remover to get rid of the leaking bag. Once everything was ready and I was able to clean myself up a little I jumped straight in the shower. And started the whole routine all over again!

I must admit I did feel like I wanted to cry a little bit, I felt I’d been doing so well and this just ruined it for me. I guess I was just having one of those evenings where everything felt like the end of the world so having to deal with a leak wasn’t really what I wanted to spend the night sorting out. But these things happen and you just have to get over them, even though it was a little disheartening, as I hadn’t really had many problems with my bag before. At least I’ll be a little more prepared for it in the future – it’s just lucky I was at home whilst it happened!

2 thoughts on “My First Bag Leak – HELP!

  1. veganostomy says:

    I feel your pain Hattie! Leaks are never cool, especially the major catastrophes that ALWAYS happen at the most inconvenient times.

    First thing… do you have access to a stoma nurse who can have a look at your skin or guide you through an appliance change? A fresh pair of eyes may catch the “problem”.

    If your skin is raw and weepy, you will definitely have issues with keeping your pouch on – there are several products you can try, including “protective sheets” :

    One thing that caught my attention though, was that your appliance fell off after a shower. Were you showering without your bag? Is it possible that a soap or shampoo (especially a conditioner!) could have left a film on your skin (i.e. because of the moisturizers) that interfered with the wafers adhesion?

    Good luck! These “growing pains” as a new ostomate shouldn’t last too long!


  2. Judith says:

    Yes I have had many leaks over the years it always seems to happen after a fresh one I had just put on the worst is I had to fight with the insurance company over covering the ostomy supplies that is the worst always running out


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