Why My Mum Is The Toughest, Most Inspiring Person I Know – Happy Mothers Day!

So it’s mothers day and of course every body knows that their mum is the best person they know. Your mum is your rock. Your everything. But with me, my mums a little bit more, and I don’t think my mum even realises that…

10801818_870986472958490_2197632805346797480_nMy mum raised me and my sister single handedly until I was 10, working her arse off to support us, when we were put into a one bedroom flat for people with nowhere else to go after my biological dad took the house we lived in. Time passed by, we moved house, and she fought her way to get out of a different abusive relationship. It was after that we decided we were a girls only thing. “BABE’s” – Boys Are Banned Entirely. This stayed the same until I was 10, when she met her now husband and partner of 10 years, and the man I now call dad.

Anyone that knows my mum knows that she’s amazing anyway. She was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder a few years ago after frequently being incorrectly diagnosed, putting her on useless medication. Now properly diagnosed, she has been managing amazingly. It’s hard seeing your mum so vulnerable. My mum is the strongest person I know. She seems so tough on the outside, because I know she feels she has to be, but mum, if you’re reading this, you’re doing an incredible job, you don’t have to be so tough all the time! 601214_10151304002872946_658108780_n

My mum has been my rock throughout everything, and trust me.. she’s had to be. I think it’s safe to say I’ve given her a few scares! In 2011 when my lungs collapsed and I was in an intensive care unit for a chest pneumonia caused by bulimia, my mum was there, 24 hours a day. Her and my dad sold their car, just to make sure they could afford to be with me every single day.

17882_10152816401437946_856194585703420117_nWhen dealing with Ulcerative Colitis and having my Iloestomy Surgery, my mum was there non stop, she never left my side. She kept me calm and she helped me gain back some confidence after recovery. She’s the reason I spoke out about what happened, she’s the one that taught me if people don’t love you for what you are entirely, than they don’t matter.

My youngest brother and sister are too young to understand, but my mum really fought to have them. After suffering 6 miscarriages, it was devastating to see her in so much pain. But she tried absolutely everything, even when it turned to having 9 months worth of injections, she fought to have her kids. She wanted them more than anything, she loves them more than anything! 67958_10151304008692946_1396648112_n

I have the most amazing role model of a mother. Someone that’s strong, loving and caring. Someone that would do anything for her family and friends. Someone I truly respect and hope to one day resemble just an ounce of her compassion. If there is anyone in this world that deserves to be spoilt rotten on a day like today, it’s my mum. Not just because of everything she’s fought against, fought for and is still fighting for today, but because she’s just a bloody incredible human being. I’m so proud that she’s my mum.

Thank you mum. For always being there. For making me laugh and smile when I felt like my world was ending. For always keeping my spirits up. For raising me to be strong. For being the best person I know. For never giving up. For being you. I love you.

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