The 2015 Bucket List – 9 Things I’d Like To Do With My Ileostomy Bag

I think it’s important to rephoto 5member that although having an Ostomy Bag is for the most part, a life changing experience – it doesn’t have to change your life. Yeah it means relearning things that you’d never have given a second thought about before, and yes the operation in itself can make you feel like it’s the end of the world. It’s scary and at first, the thought of doing normal every day things can seem like a challenge – but once you break through the barrier, you begin to see life in a completely different light.

Before my bag, I didn’t challenge myself, I took things for granted and I was always sure of what I wanted to do. Yes, I had a career aim and I was on the ladder towards that goal but when everything came to fall and certain things were taken away from me, all I had was myself. So now, I’m going to make the most of what I have and the strength my body has.

I’m determined to prove to myself that I am oh so capable of doing things I wouldn’t have even dreamed of before my bag. I’m going to face my fears and just live. And I’m going to live twice as better with my bag!

1. Sky Diving
This is one thing I have always been terrified of doing. Who in their right minds wants to throw themselves out of a plane?! Will my bag count as an extra parachute??

2. Burlesque
Burlesque is so sexy. So many confident women all so proud of their bodies. I just love it. I think something like burlesque would really increase my confidence. Perhaps it would lead me to being more body confident – not just bag confident!

3. Water parks
I know you’re more than able to swim with a bag, but I think water parks could be a challenge, with all the slides and falling into deep water. I think it could be a really fun day out as well as another box ticked off the list.

4. Abseiling
Every time I’ve been abseiling, I’ve loved it. But the thought of the harness around my stomach makes me a little nervous. Which is exactly why I’d like to try it, just to say I did it.

5. Stomach Tattoo
I’d never really thought of having a stomach tattoo before, I have two large roses down my right hip, four birds down my right arm and a vintage mirror tattoo with a victorian looking gothic girl inside, sitting nicely on my right arm. I think a stomach tattoo could be really cool. A decorative piece near around my scars. Perhaps another line across my big scar, we could make it into a hot cross bun? Or a noughts and crosses design?! (Perhaps not..)

6. Travel abroad
I think going abroad with my bag for the first time would be nerve wrecking. They say not to have ice and other food types just to stay safe and avoid blockages within my stoma. But I think I deserve a holiday after such a dramatic start to 2015!

7. Pole Dancing
I really want to take a pole dancing class. Just to try my upper body strength. Perhaps it could tone up my currently flabby belly and legs too…

8. Marathon
I’d like to run in a marathon to raise money for Crohns & Colitis UK. I’m very prone to stitches too… being so lazy! So perhaps it will give me the motivation to get fit!

9. Meet other people with a bag
It’s one thing to talk to others online, to hear about their stories and just chat in general, as sometimes it’s easier to talk to people that completely understand what you’re going through, but it would be a whole other thing to meet them in person. I think it could be really great to see how other people continue to live their lives.

That’s all I’ve got so far! If things come up or I think of something else, I’ll most definitely write about it! I’m determined to make 2015 MY year. It’s going to be a positive year. No matter what the circumstances.

4 thoughts on “The 2015 Bucket List – 9 Things I’d Like To Do With My Ileostomy Bag

  1. Mike Phipps says:

    Well I was just in Thailand and Vietnam with no issues 😊😊. I’d leave abseiling til you’ve been healed a bit longer and pole dancing But that might be good for strong stomach muscles. And if you’re ever in cumbria drop in for a chat 😊 Mike x


  2. ellenwoolley says:

    I just read your blog about exciting news for the blog relating to your bucket list, I’m hoping the announcement is something to do with number 9 I think that could help a lot of people if it’s done on a big scale!
    Ellen x


  3. TBR says:

    Hi, just seen your blog as was searching online to see if there are any pole dancing ostomists out there.. if you haven’t already tried it and of course, if you’re fully recovered from your surgery, you should definitely give it a go! I have recently booked myself on a 6 week pole fitness course and have had 2 lessons so far and love it! I told the instructor in advance about the surgery and anytime she thinks something might be too strenuous for me, she makes a general statement to everyone about how this particular move can be tough on your abdomen and offers an alternative to try. It’s great fun!


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