It’s been a tough couple of weeks trying to keep all quiet about all the stuff that’s been going on with, but finally, all is done, all is ready to be revealed! And I’m so excited to tell you all about it!


Yesterday, I traveled up to London, to stay in a lovely hotel and meet with the marketing director for SecuriCare Medical – a website that offers support and delivery for people with stomas. Sarah approached me after seeing the photos and blog posts that had received such positive feedback on Facebook. I started writing for SecuriCare’s website, but they were also interested in mine!

But I didn’t just go to speak with Sarah, I went to represent the company, and present my story and website to a room full of people looking for support, alongside other companys, Ostomy Associations and more! It was a little overwhelming I must admit, but the round of applause and amount of people congratulating me just showed how much they’d appreciated what I’d spoken about. It was so amazing to meet other people with a stoma!

I was then taken back to SecuriCare & CliniMed‘s offices, where I met the head of Customer Services and the rest of the team, as well as giving the same presentation to a huge table of other women. I felt like I was on the apprentice! They loved the presentation, I was so chuffed!

Next, I was taken arIMG_0722ound a workshop to show me how Ostomy Bag’s were produced and cut. It was amazing to see how many people were working for the company, so many passionate, incredible people.

BUT.. this wasn’t it for me.

The most incredible thing happened today, and I can’t believe how quickly it’s all come about! With the blog only just entering into it’s fourth week of production, reaching over 65,000 views in that space of time, hearing all the incredible stories from absolutely inspirational people, and receiving ongoing support from such a fabulous audience…

I SIGNED A CONTRACT FOR SPONSORSHIP! is now being sponsored by SecuriCare Medical!

This means I will now be putting all my time into my blog, making a career out of it and earning a living from what I am most passionate about! I will also be speaking at events on behalf of the company and reviewing their lovely products!


Amongst this, there are going to be some really big things happening within the next couple of weeks. More things to write about, more things to experience… and I CAN’T WAIT for all of it!


  1. Ciara Nic Aodha says:

    Hattie I’ve been following you on Facebook since like forever because I found you were a great singer/songwriter. I’ve like started blogging (its not great at the minute) but I think seeing your blog motivates me to keep writing as I’m really passionate about it šŸ™‚ anyways, I think your strength and courage is admirable and it’s inspirational to see such a young girl like yourself not suffer with your condition but, embrace it. It really is eye opening. Fair play šŸ™‚


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