A Naked Dress And A Stoma Bag? The #GetYourBellyOut Ball!

I took some time out from the blog this week to see friends and go out and enjoy myself. To be honest with you, I’ve been feeling pretty down recently and I couldn’t actually bring myself to write anything because I didn’t want to force my negativity on to you all. But I’ve now realised it is not me thrusting any negativity upon you, it is simply being human. Of course I’m going to have down days. I just needed to pick myself back up and remember I’m okay. And that I’ll always be okay.

I did just that at the #GetYourBellyOut ball in Birmingham. It was one of the simply most incredible events I have ever had the absolute pleasure to have experienced. I can’t express to you how honoured I felt to be a part of it; and how proud I am of the brilliant awareness campaign, who have now raised an astounding £31,000 for Crohns & Colitis UK.

Of course, with it being a ball and all, everyone was dressed to impress. There was so many beautiful girls in gorgeous dresses, with their hair and makeup immaculate. I was overwhelmed by the amount of diamantés and tiaras! I opted for something adventurous myself, a tight, nude plunge dress. I was a little nervous about this dress as I’d bought it online a couple of days before the ball, without thinking about my bag. But it was absolutely fine – thanks to my lovely support pants!

My boyfriend couldn’t make the ball, and so last minute my amazing dad stepped in and escorted me. I had been in hospital the day before – nothing serious just a torn tummy muscle – and didn’t feel well enough to go on my own. I’m very lucky to have such an amazingly supportive family. And he looked amazing too! I was so proud to have walked into the beautifully decorated room with someone who had done everything possible to make sure I didn’t miss out!

We were welcomed onto the top table with the events sponsors, who also just happen to be the wonderful sponsors of my blog, SecuriCare & Clinimed. We met other bloggers and I learned about my fellow ostomates, and listened to their inspiring stories. 

We had the pleasure of watching a stunning performance of the #GetYourBellyOut charity single ‘Just A Part Of Me’ by Vanessa Rene, which she sang beautifully. Everyones separate diets had been catered for and the whole room was decorated perfectly.

We were surrounded by hundreds of gorgeous people and you know what? It just felt amazing to meet people that just really understood. That you could go to the toilers with and not worry about any embarrassment nor having to watch what I ate in case my bag blew up because nobody cared. So many of us were in the same boat. I could just let my hair down and enjoy myself!

Or let myself go on the toilet booth….  

Me and Sarah were back on our adventures and were the last ones standing at our table, dancing until 2am. Alright, maybe a few sit down breaks to get my breath back. 

The last thing I remember is getting a taxi back to the Travelodge we were all staying at!

All in all, the ball was fantastic. A great job done by Gem, Lorna, Victoria and Sahara, the wonderful founders or the #GetYourBellyOut campaign.

And it was so worth the amount my stomas hating on me right now. 

Really, thank you. I never thought I’d feel so happy again.

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