Sore Skin Around A Stoma

I thought I’d blog about skin care as I’m currently having troubles myself with the skin around my stoma. As you can see from the photo it is extremely sore, but it’s not always like this, only when I run out of my trustful LBF wipes. For anyone else with a stoma, you’ll know that so many people tell you not to use the products on your skin if you have sores, as it may work as an irritant, meaning you’re stuck with all sorts of creams that just make your bag so damn loose, causing leakages. Other products such as powders and sprays haven’t worked well for me either – perhaps I just have really sensitive skin.IMG_3190

These wipes, unlike other products, are usable on your actual stoma with no side effects. You can clean up to the stoma as close as you like, without worrying about infection. The wipes also dry completely within 30 seconds, so you won’t have any leakages using them.

My skin has been like this on several occasions, but is currently in it’s worse case scenario as I am more active, causing my ileostomy bag to be pulled around more. It first got sore however, after surgery. I tried so many sprays and creams but nothing was moving it, and was just making it worse with the leakages I was getting within and beyond the flange of the ileostomy bag. As soon as I started using these wipes, my skin cleared up, and my stoma itself looked healthier because I was able to clean it with more than just warm water! IMG_3207

I always change my bag straight after a shower – of which I do without my bag to give my stoma some air and to clean my skin thoroughly. I don’t feel warm water on dry wipes is enough for my skin – but each to their own!

I know that within 3 days my skin will be back to it’s healthy looking state.

These LBF wipes come from CliniMed. What’s also fantastic about company is they will first give you a free sample of these LBF wipes just to see how your skin feels with them, so you’re not at risk of wasting any money!

This was just a quick blog post because I thought it may be helpful for others in my situation. Sometimes it’s better to read a personal opinion than one you may find on any stoma care website – especially as it’s coming from someone with a stoma!

One thought on “Sore Skin Around A Stoma

  1. katieches says:

    I really struggle with itchiness under my bag sometimes and I was wondering if you ever use creams as well as the LBF?? I always use an LBF but I’m worried it’s actually making my skin itchier. Can I just say your blog has been such a lifeline since I got my stoma two weeks ago! Thank you for being so inspiring

    Katie xo


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