Being Approached With: “You’re The Girl With The Thing On Her Stomach, Right?”

It feels like forever since I last posted even though it’s actually only been 4 days!

This week I’ve been keeping myself busy. I’ve had trips to the beach, three evening’s out for dinner, a BBQ, and a night out clubbing! It’s been great for me as I really feel back to my old self. I haven’t had any troubles with my bag nor skin this week, and nothing that could be deemed as ’embarrassing’ has happened!

One thing that has made me laugh though, is how I was approached whilst on a night out with friends. Of course, my blog has been read by many people so far, many of whom are local. So obviously, going on a night out in a relatively local area – you’re going to be recognizable to some people.

988519_965896740134129_2916876947014465919_nI was approached several times whilst out. Some in quite a hilarious manor. “I know you! You’re the blogger aren’t you! You’re the girl with that thing on her stomach! What is it again”. Having to explain the ins and outs of an ileostomy bag on a night where I just wanted to get drunk and dance wasn’t really the plan. But at least it was raising a little awareness and educating some people in some sort of way I guess.

At first I was quite annoyed, I just wanted to have a nice time with my friends, and not have “the thing on your stomach” shouted at me for everyone to hear. But now, I realise that it’s somewhat a good thing. At least they’re asking what it is. At least they’ve taken note of something, and at least it’s spreading the word about the condition. And if it takes me having something like that asked quite abruptly, then I’ll take that if it even helps them understand just a little.

I think helpful to remember that not everyone will have an understanding, and that not everybody gets it. And they only way they will get it, is to ask – whatever format that comes in.

I know some people can be quite offended by being questioned about their bag, but don’t be. Talking about it gets other people talking. It raises awareness and aids the lessening of the stigma around it.

In other news…

I made it into my second publication last week! This time being The Metro. They used my bag-less stoma selfie in an article about ending the stigma.

I am also working on something really exciting over the next month. So keep an eye out for my blog about it!

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