2 Months Of Ileostomy Recovery In Pictures.. The Difference Is Amazing!

This post is for both me and others going through ostomy surgery. Just looking at the first picture compared to the last in just the space of 2 and a half months is phenomenal. I have gained weight, I look happier, I look HEALTHIER. My scar is healing so nicely and I’m really feeling like me again.

Here’s a selection of my favourite pictures taken so far during my recovery.

photo 2tumblr_njkx8qnhNh1rmgzzqo1_1280photophoto 1photo 3Photo on 28-02-2015 at 11.46photo 5IMG_1363photo 5(1)image1IMG_0722photo(7)photoIMG_3139-0IMG_3095IMG_3181photo(2)10995586_955619417828528_5358526500689486313_n988519_965896740134129_2916876947014465919_n10982699_918516614872142_4787843721648344028_nphoto 1photo(3)


2 thoughts on “2 Months Of Ileostomy Recovery In Pictures.. The Difference Is Amazing!

  1. Tom says:

    Hey, great post. It’s great to see you’ve kept a smile on your face through it all 🙂

    Are you planning on having a Jpouch? when I had my colectomy in 2013 aged 24 I decided that I got on fine with my bag same as you and personally felt a jpouch was an unessecary risk for me. I had the remaining rectal stump removed in 2014. I suffered with bleeding and mucous still and am now typing this while laying on my side after having an anal stumpectomy last week lol 🙂

    Never stop smiling and you can never go wrong 🙂

    All the best



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