What Do You Do When Your Ostomy Bag Blows Up In PUBLIC?

Although having an ostomy bag means you can essentially live a pain free, active lifestyle, there are still irritating little things than you are literally completely helplessly prone to. One of these things is gas. I know what you’re thinking – but surely you don’t get gas now you have an ileostomy bag?! Wrong. You still get gas, and unfortunately, unlike those without an ileostomy, you can’t release that gas into the air. Instead, you end up with a balloon attempting to take lift off from your stomach.

It’s not an issue when you’re at home. You can empty that bag or you can change it. But what about when you’re walking along in public, trying to cover that that prominent bulge that just so happened to appear over the last five minutes?

I was out the other day, getting the train into town after my driving theory test. I was wearing a jumpsuit, which wasn’t tight, but wasn’t especially baggy. I’d rushed to get ready that day and was only wearing normal underwear. Everyone was rushing for the train, so I was pretty cautious of people knocking into me. I guarded my stomach, and as I did, felt this whoopie cushion of a bag pressing against my hand. And because the belt of my playsuit was pushing down on my bag, it was making me look like I had a giant, wonky penis. I was literally there thinking “OH MY GOD WHAT IF PEOPLE THINK I HAVE BALLS”.

Luckily, I was wearing a jacket and could cover it up. But of course, me being me, I was wearing a broken jacket whilst carrying my bag, and wearing stupid shoes I couldn’t walk in, so pulling my jacket together whilst trying to focus on getting on the train surrounded by a bunch of people all fighting to get off the platform – it was kinda difficult to try cover said whoopie cushion.

I’m not sure if anyone noticed my gradually expanding stomach, or if they just chose to ignore it. But it led me to thinking about different ways I could prevent this from happening in the future. Of course, the best option is ostomy support pants. But they can be kinda pricey, and you have to wait around for delivery. Also, you’ve got to be sure to get them in the right size, for the best support.

I don’t actually use ostomy support pants. Instead, I use body shaping pants – from sainsburys! They’re £5, meaning you can get more for less! It would suck to own just one or two pairs, because what about when they both need washing?! You can also try on in store!… over your underwear.. obviously.

Sometimes for me, support10987464_956329911090812_4235087468872660141_n pants aren’t enough. And more than one pair of tights makes my legs look chubbier than they are. So… I devised my own thin support pants to go over the regular ones, giving the ultimate flat stomach, and perky bum! Even when my bags attempting to lift me off the ground.

How did I do this??? It’s simple! (I feel like I’m in an advert right now)

I simply found a load of old tights that have ladders in (I think I actually own about 2 pairs without ladders in) and cut off the legs! The material is so thin you can’t feel it’s there, and they also gives you no added bulk. Invisible, cheap support underwear. Sometimes I even wear two pairs!

Since my bag blowing up in public, I have followed this routine if I know it’s going to be a windy day… and no matter how big my bag gets, it’s flattened by the support gear! It’s also a good idea to have a trustworthy bag that can be flattened. The bag I use, a Sensura Mio, delivered by SecuriCare Medical, enables me to do this. I experience no discomfort with it no matter what I’m wearing!

So there, an easy, cheap and effective way to save you from the gas and also give you a fab figure. Even if you have one already!

One thought on “What Do You Do When Your Ostomy Bag Blows Up In PUBLIC?

  1. Sophie hutchins says:

    Not sure what those bags are you use but because I have an ileostomy, I use bags that you can open at the bottom. This means if im out and its getting too full of gas, i find a toilet ,or if im not near one, a quiet spot, and just open it and let the air out lol like you said, everyone does it into the air!


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