Amazing News For My Blog!

Last Thursday I travelled up to my blog’s sponsor SecuriCare Medical to pitch them an idea I had been really excited about for a couple of months.

It actually all came about whilst I was away with a friend. We were up all night talking about the bucket list I’d created for this year, when we came up with this idea to act on just one of those things. But, it is not JUST one of those things. We are taking this one aim, and making it into something we hope to be absolutely beautiful.

The only issue was, we couldn’t do it on our own. We needed more support.

So, we called the Digital Brand Manager at SecuriCare who absolutely loved the idea. She invited us for a meeting with the head of the company, amongst 3 other people in the industry.

Alongside this, a huge charity will be supporting this project.

So, last week was the big meeting, as to whether or not this could turn into more than just an idea. After an hour and a half spent in the conference room, giving a presentation and answering questions, we left feeling positive. But we hadn’t been given an answer yet. So of course, we have been feeling a little nervous the passed few days.

BUT, today we received the call to tell us we’d been given the go ahead on our idea and had the companies full support!

This project will is looking to be released over the next couple of months, and we are hoping you will all love it. I’d love to reveal a little more, but I don’t want to ruin any surprise!

So, please keep an eye out over the next couple of months, for more updates on this project. I can’t wait to see what you think!


My 2015 Bucket List: 

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