I’m Having A Really Rough Week – Someone Take This Pain Away!!

I’ve been sat in the same position in the same place for the past week, because I simply cannot do anything. I’m not sure what’s gone wrong but the past 7 days has been nothing but aches and pains followed by a whole heap of frustration. I’m really just having a bad time recently with my ostomy. I’m pretty sure it’s shrunk, and as I made the silly decision to order all my bags pre-cut, each bag is leaving a certain amount of skin exposed; meaning my skin is burnt, red and sore. From the soreness leaves me having few options for clothing, I haven’t been able to wear anything bar underwear and pajamas lately – anything tighter has me wincing in pain.

Trying to place the bag in a way that the least amount of skin could possibly show means I’ve been changing it countless times. One day I actually amounted up to 10 bag changes. From the frequent skin pulling my abdomen feels tender and my scarring feels swollen. It doesn’t help that I’m a little obsessive about the cleanliness of my body. And knowing that the bag just isn’t in the right place has left me more exasperated than I can even begin to describe.

I feel completely broken this week, each evening leaving me in tears of infuriation. I don’t care how silly this sounds to you, but this week has really made me question my decisions regarding the option of reversal. You see, changing the bag was probably the one control I now have regarding my digestive system. And I just feel it’s been taken away from me. I can’t even keep my skin healthy, for gods sake. I just want to be going out and doing things instead of sat here on my sofa feeling sorry for myself!

I feel very lucky to have had my boyfriend with me the past week. He’s been there to help clean me up and change the bag with me. He’s taken me shouting and screaming at him and really looking after me. But it’s also taken up hours of the evenings we have together, and some of my self-esteem with it. I’m filled with paranoia over leaks and generally just not feeling myself at the moment.

I’ve let myself get so upset over these frequent bag changes and bad skin, but I mean, when you’re having to repeat the same procedure of taking a bag off, cleaning, wiping, drying, and placing a new one on up to ten times a night, you begin to wonder what the hell you did to deserve this shit. No pun intended.

I’ve placed an order with SecuriCare to send me some of their lovely LBF wipes to help heal my skin, and they have also given me next day delivery of uncut bags, an amazing service considering there can be up to a 2 week wait with other services. I’ve also got a hospital appointment on Wednesday just to get it all checked out.

I’m really hoping my body begins to heal soon, as I’m not sure I can take another week living in my PJ’s!

I’m sorry this post hasn’t been humorous, happy, educating or exciting. But sometimes, that life.


3 thoughts on “I’m Having A Really Rough Week – Someone Take This Pain Away!!

  1. vjhutter says:

    sending lots of vibes your way! Can you get a lidocaine ointment? That usually helps with the pain around raw skin (if only for a little bit).
    Stay strong!


  2. Kevin Fort says:

    I have an amazing ostomy nurse who gave me a few tips for dealing with my skin when it gets bad. The thing that helps my skin the most is when I change my appliance I spray a prescription cortisone nasal spray(such as nasonex) directly onto my skin. Just spray it all over the area, it dries very quickly and doesn’t effect how your bag will stick to your skin. You should see an improvement with your skin almost immediately and it can be used as needed. Another product that works really well is duoderm extra thin dressing made by Convatec which is actually a wound healing product. It heals various issues with skin and can be put under your ostomy appliance all the time or just at certain times to help heal damaged skin. Ostomies are very manageable, they just take time to get used too as well as a lot of patience and trial and error. Before finding out about these two products I was in so much discomfort but now my skin is more or less perfect and I can live my life.
    I hope this helps you as much as it did for me!!


  3. Alan says:

    If the bag’s not fitting properly, get some paste from your supplier (either strips of paste or in a tube, like toothpaste) to put around the opening of the bag that you put on your skin. Also, there’s a fantastic powder you can use to help heal the skin very quickly. Let me know if you want more specific info…


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