Back To The Hospital I Go… I May As Well Just Live Here! 

Last night, it had taken me an hour and a half just to put a fresh ileostomy bag on. My stoma had been pouring with blood non stop, and I’d had to repeat the cleaning process several times – including FIVE showers – before with the help of my boyfriend, I finally managed to cover it with a new bag. I’d gone to bed fallen asleep very quickly, and woken up having forgotten about the whole thing. That was until I decided to go take a shower. I hadn’t moved much today and hadn’t thought about getting a shower any earlier because I haven’t been able to wear proper clothes today, as anything covering my bag was making it sore. At 5pm I turned on the shower, and began taking my bag off, ready to clean it and put a smaller bag on for when I took the shower. A couple of seconds into taking the bag off I noticed it had swollen. But not only that, the top half of the stoma was purple and covered in white spots. I freaked out, and called an ambulance. I didn’t know what else to do – I was told previously that discolouration was a warning sign that something had gone really wrong. It was too late for the doctors and I needed to get to a & e. I took the rest of the bag off and noticed it was covered in dried blood. I measured the stoma and it had grown by 5mm overnight. I completely panicked, but waited for the paramedics to get here. 

I’m at the hospital now and waiting on my blood results – so I will let you guys know what’s going on! Fingers crossed it’s nothing and I can rest my mind. Happy thoughts please 😩   


9 thoughts on “Back To The Hospital I Go… I May As Well Just Live Here! 

  1. Charlotte says:

    Oh dear, well, it’s good for you to be in hospital where they can make sure to get you healed quickly. I have had my stoma, colostomy, for a year now, and I haven’t had the problems you mentioned; not yet anyway. I am concerned for you and will be looking for your next blog entry. Love your tattoo by the way. Try to relax, they can help you.


  2. wenwoo74 says:

    Oh Hattie, I am thinking of you at this time. I have never had this happen so unfortunately can not give you any advice. However (unfortunately) we other Ostomates can learn from your experience, I do wish you well and hope all is well ASAP. XX


  3. Karen says:

    Understand your worries, seems like I spent most of my time in hospital with my stomach. Frustrating when never being able to get a good deal on the bag and severely burnt skin from stuff coming from stoma. Keep your chin up and always smile, things will become easier. You are so lucky to have the awesome support of your living boyfriend. I admire him so much.


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