I’ve Finally Set A Date For My Reversal Surgery!

Today was the day that I finally got to set a date for my reversal surgery. I met with my lovely surgeon to discuss the best timing and most convenient dates for me, to prepare myself for the week or so I will be spending in hospital, to say goodbye to my stoma!

Over much debate about how long they will need to prepare for me, and when I thought the best time would be for myself, we finally agreed on December 29th 2015! It does mean I will be spending New Years Eve in hospital, but it also means I can approach the New Year, knowing that my surgeries of 2015 were now over (hopefully).

We chose this date for many reasons. I don’t feel completely ready to go back under the knife as I am finally feeling a lot better within myself. My skin is clearing up nicely with my fantastic LBF wipes from SecuriCare Medical (would HIGHLY recommend to anyone with skin problems – my skin clears up within 1-2 days) and I am not having as many leaks as beforehand, meaning waiting is no problem. I have also been offered a place on the NCTJ Journalism Fast Track Course to become a fully qualified journalist (Sept – Dec). I have many projects coming up for the blog within this time alongside this and I don’t want to let anyone down by cancelling due to hospital stays!

I’m really looking forward to everything I have coming up, and knowing I am going to be ending the year by ending what has been an incredibly emotional, gratifying experience.


One thought on “I’ve Finally Set A Date For My Reversal Surgery!

  1. Chris Welch says:

    Hi Hattie, I’ve been following your blog not long after you started. I had surgery in January for a colostomy bag, although mine was planned (I was out just in time for my birthday luckily). I just wanted to say a massive thanks for all you’ve done for people in similar situations, without you I wouldn’t believe in myself anywhere near as much as I now do. I also have had an appointment with my surgeon booked for a while, for September, I assume to talk about my reversal, so these last few posts have been really informative. Thank you, Chris


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