10 Things NOT To Say To Someone With Crohn’s or Colitis

You may know that I’m on a few groups where people with IBD or ostomy can look for support. It’s helpful for a number of reasons, and some of the stuff posted can give you a great laugh. I’ve seen quite a few posts where other ‘sufferers’ have posted about the most ridiculous comments that have been made to them that day. Some can be quite innocent, generally people trying to help, but also, some leave you questioning…. why?

1. Isn’t it just like a sickness bug?

If you count a sickness bug as an incurable life time of medication, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, bad joints etc etc… then yes! It so IS a sickness bug! Duh!

2. You’ve really put on some weight..

Well it was either get more sick or suck it up on steroids. I took the more painless option, obviously.

3. My sisters boyfriends cousin’s friend has that, they’re cured now.
That’s great, she must feel amazing to be the first person in the world to be cured of IBD. I

4. Have you tried this new product? It has amazing results and cures IBD.

Wow, why didn’t the doctors think of this shop bought product instead of making us have intense surgeries?! I bet they feel so stupid now. There is no cure. Even after an ostomy, you are still prone to disease and symptoms.

5. “I have IBS though, it’s not that bad.”

Please do some research and rethink what you just said: http://www.webmd.com/ibs/ibd-versus-ibs.

https://i0.wp.com/healthyhomeopathy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/woman-on-toilet.jpg6. I’m so jealous, you can eat what you want and stay skinny.

Yeah, I love spending most of the day on the toilet not being able to leave my bathroom. My frequent trips to the hospital. My emergency surgeries. It’s all so worth it to stay skinny. I’m so lucky.

7. You shouldn’t be using the disabled toilets.

Just because you can’t see a “disability”, doesn’t mean it’s not there.

8. You don’t look sick.

And you didn’t look ignorant, I guess we both learned something new

9. “This may have caused it…”

We have enough (literal) shit going on without being made to feel guilty about it. There is no studies that suggest anything can cause IBD. Again, please do your research before attempting to be a doctor.

10. But you haven’t done anything… why are you so tired?!

Fatigue is one of the most debilitating symptoms of IBD. It’s not just being “tired”.

One thought on “10 Things NOT To Say To Someone With Crohn’s or Colitis

  1. sara says:

    These comments made me chuckle somewhat. We should add some more to the list… “So Since you had surgery, life has improved now hasn’t it, you aren’t in any pain which is a good thing”. (Like I was even asked, it was just decided lol and this is the 3rd major surgery). “At least you aren’t having miss haps like before” (If u only knew). “Bet u r secretly glad u can’t work any more” (as if). “U r looking so much better these days” (who are u kidding, wardrobe malfunction trying to cope with new products and dress sense gone out of the window). “So u don’t have to queue for toilet’s any more as u can go when ever u want. How cool is that,”(Crawl under a stone and do one!). “U must have an awesome social life not working” (whey hey, getting out is a blooming hardship & I’m so unreliable no one wants to stay in touch).


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