“Stop blocking the toilet with your baby wipes!” – now I’ve found flushable stoma bag wipes instead!

I recently wrote about staying at a friends house when you have an ileostomy bag, in which I mentioned about my use of baby wipes and worry about blocking a toilet. I’d had a few comments where people had suggested a variety of ways of lessening my use of baby wipes, many of them suggesting I just throw them away into a black nappy sack when finished with them. Although I was grateful for the suggestions, the idea of cleaning myself up with baby wipes and leaving the remains in nappy sacks wasn’t too appealing to me. Especially if there wasn’t a bin in the bathroom – carrying around a small bag full of poo doesn’t sound to fun to me!

Anyway, after doing my abseil in order to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer UK, I had a few drinks with an amazing women from my sponsor, SecuriCare Medical. She told me about some flushable, disposable skin barrier wipes I can use when in need of emptying my bag. Over the next couple of days she sent me a couple of packets through, and I can honestly say they have been a huge life saver! They come in packs of 30, in cute little boxes, with the same packaging as the LBF Skin Barrier Wipes – I wrote about these when I suffered with sore skin around my stoma. If any of you are familiar with the skin barrier wipes, and enjoy them, I am 100% confident you’ll love these too.

They are available on presciption too – even better for me, since I was spending £7 or £8 a week just on baby wipes!

They look small by the packet but they open up by unfolding them four times, and are thick enough to double over should you want to extend their use as much as possible! I was sent two boxes – which amounts to 60 wipes – last week, and I still have a full packet left!

I must admit I am a little OCD about cleanliness, and I did tend to overuse my babywipes in order to make the opening of my bag so shiny you could use it as a mirror (which I don’t do… of course). But with these wipes I don’t need to use one after the other after the other.. two wipes seems to be enough for me each time! Do remember though that these wipes aren’t just for cleaning – first and foremost they have the benefit of protecting the skin around your stoma by creating a thin barrier.

I’d definitely recommend getting yourself a packet if you don’t like using the bag technique or are sick of people telling you you’ll block the toilet. I no longer have to lug a big bag around with me to contain my full packet of baby wipes, I can simply slip a few of the wipes into a pocket of my clutch bag! – Added bonus!

To order the product, just go to this link! http://www.clinimed.co.uk/stoma-care/products/stoma-skin-care-and-accessories/Hydrosolve.aspx

Happy flushing!

3 thoughts on ““Stop blocking the toilet with your baby wipes!” – now I’ve found flushable stoma bag wipes instead!

  1. wenwoo74 says:

    Hi Hattie,
    I used baby wipes around my stoma (to clean it)
    I also put them into the rubbish bag that come supplied with my stoma bags (Hollister)
    then I threw that into the bin in our kitchen,
    that has a garbage bag in it then that garbage bag gets put into a BIG bin outside our house
    (I am in Australia).
    I am allergic to Barrier wipes (contact dermatitis),
    but I must also say I have recently stopped using Baby wipes also (due to cost).

    I now just use a damp (with water) Chux cloth to clean around my stoma, then I use a dry Chux cloth to dry around my stoma and the surrounds.
    I then just rinse both of these cloths out in my bathroom then hang them to let them dry,
    I have had my stoma for almost 16 years and I find this the easiest way for me to clean around my stoma and the surrounds.

    Note: Chux Cloths are handy for all sorts of cleaning around your home also.


  2. Steve H says:

    I like the single use packets for these wipes. It definitely makes them more convenient. As for flushing them. Yes, the package says flushable, but they are still going to degrade slower that toilet paper/tissue. A few together could cause an expensive clog. 2 at a time may not be a problem, but when you are using them you are changing your bag so you have non flushable waste with your bag and barrier, right? Why not just toss the wipes with your used ostomy appliance rather than flushing them?


    • securicaremorethanyourbag says:

      Hi Steve, the wipes Hattie was referring to are Hydrosolve Flushable Wipes from CliniMed – you can find out more about them here http://www.clinimed.co.uk/Stoma-Care/Products/Stoma-Skin-Care-and-Accessories/Appeel-LBF-Hydrosolve-Flushable-Wipes.aspx . If you watch the video on that page, you’ll see that these actually don’t degrade slower than toilet tissue – they break down completely upon contact with water which is what makes them so different from other wipes. However, they are also in 2 variations – LBF Barrier Cream and Appeel Medical Adhesive Remover – and that is really their intended use, not just as cleaning wipes. So in that sense, yes you are correct that if you are doing a complete bag change with non flushable waste you might as well be disposing of everything. These are intended for when you just need to touch up some barrier cream or adhesive remover and can be flushed away. They are also a great compliment to the CliniMed Aura Flushable pouch which CAN be flushed away. Many thanks – the CliniMed Team


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