A Change In Reversal Date & Coming To Terms With Things

As some of you may know, I’ve been told I’m able to have reversal surgery this year. It was booked in for the end of December 2015 when I first met with a consultant. Sure, it was a bit crappy that it was around new year but I wanted it done before 2016, to be able to ‘start a fresh’. However, I went for an endoscopy a couple of weeks ago, and to my surprise my bowel was completely healthy and ready for reversal. Obviously it doesn’t just work like that, you can’t just go under the knife on the same day – there’s generally a four week preparation before the operation, based on when the next operation date is free – and my surgeon only operates on Tuesdays, so there wasn’t too many openings over the next four weeks! Anyway, I discussed the reversal with my surgeon and we agreed that it would be a good idea to get it done earlier. The earlier the reversal, the better your chances of keeping your body healthy – the longer you leave it, the more chance your rectum (mine was kept, luckily) has to deteriorate. So, I’ve had a new date set! 20th October 2015, I will be having reversal surgery! It’s just 5 weeks away, and I’m really starting to feel nervous! But as well as becoming increasingly nervous, I’m also beginning to reflect.

Being able to look back over the year and see how far I have come since my surgery has been truly amazing. It’s been such an emotional year. I never expected to be where I am today. I feel a much stronger person than I was this time last year. This experience has given me the strength to realise that I can move on from things, and I can achieve, whatever the circumstance. It has proven who my true friends our, and forced an even stronger bond within my family, who have been there by my side throughout every step of the way.

It has been a test on my relationship, it has proven how strong a connection my boyfriend and I share, and has shown how deep our love goes. He has helped me feel confident within myself. Having him there has been a huge help. Knowing I’m still attractive to him has helped me more than he’ll ever know, and has gone on to help improve my own self confidence. It’s shown that beauty is skin deep, and that a change in somebodies body really isn’t the end to a romantic relationship.

I’ll be forever grateful to everybody that has continued to read my blogs over the past year. I can’t believe how fast times gone!

And I haven’t uploaded a belly picture in a long time… it’s something many members of the #GetYourBellyOut Group have been doing since winning a Pride of Britain Award! So this one’s for them! (And a MASSIVE congratulations to you all!)

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